Fiction Writing Workshop: #Imagination @Creation ∞Life

For a while, I've been working on creating my own online workshop, titled Fiction Writing Workshop: #Imagination @Creation ∞Life . It's been published in December 2016, and now it's a bestseller! So exciting! 😀
Here, I share a whole bunch of things I learned while writing my pieces, through collaborations with other writers, and especially while working with our Sarajevo Writers' Workshop. It is also the place where I hope to learn from other writers' feedback. Also, we read and discuss some amazing authors' works, as well as two silly stories I wrote as examples of what not to do while writing 🙂
The main point of the Workshop I made though is for all who join to write a short story with me. The short story Foundation which I wrote for this Workshop is published in NEMA 😀

November 2019 edit: I am both happy and a little bit sad to say that I've unpublished my course after three years and several months it had been a Best Seller and a Highest Rated course in its section. I feel that I've accomplished what I had set out to, that the course has fully fulfilled its purpose (more than I hoped for), and I gained more knowledge and joy from this experience than ever thought possible. Thank you to all my colleagues who were a part of this journey, who came to learn from me that which others have taught me, but made me a better writer along the way.

Always #Imagination @Creation ∞Life  (^▽^)