In November 2014, a friend, SWW colleague, and an amazing writer Matea Šimić founded the monthly journal NEMA out of, as she says, her deep love for literature, as well as the need to record the writing happening now, at this very moment.

As Matea writes, the goal of this journal is not to push the boundaries, but to redefine them – to challenge the established literary definitions and norms, and to offer a platform to all of those who wish to create and publish their work.

Matea is not only a masterful writer, but a skillful editor as well. The journal offers a true variety of literary genres, themes, voices, experiences, as well as critiques, reviews, reports – in short, any form of written expression one can think of. There is also the English Chapter where pieces written in English are published, for which the Editor-at-Large is our very own, talented Máire Ryan.

I am proud to say that NEMA published some of my work as well:

- A short story “Glad” (“Hunger”)
- A longer short story “O nama: Razgovor besmrtnika” (On Us: A Conversation between Immortals) in two instalments: part 1 and part 2.
- A report from the 54.Sarajevo Days of Poetry, which I wrote with Nermana Česko, titled “Dan od poezije u Sarajevu” (“Day of Poetry in Sarajevo”).

- A short story "Foundation", written as a part of my Fiction Writing Workshop: #Imagination @Creation ∞Life.

- A short story "Uzvodno" ("Upstream"), written as a part of NEMA's special project titled 'Obscure Sorrows' / 'Neznane sjete'.

Seeing Matea’s hard work and the difference she makes – in society, in art, in creation, in people’s lives – it inspires me. It motivates me to work harder, learn more, improve, and contribute to this world as well.

To imagine and to create.

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