GEOagora is a phenomenal and a much needed research institution in this region, and I had a privilege to work with them a while back. While reading through the texts, translating, proofreading, I had an opportunity to learn, as well as to read the opinions and theories on contemporary global political events.

Founded in 2013 by Ado Kulović, a political analyst and author with an MA in Political Sciences, GEOagora – The Centre for Comparative Research in Global Political Studies is a research institution which offers a brilliant platform for discussions in a wide area of humanistic sciences. Their goal is honest and simple: to offer a space for different voices in the entire region to present their arguments, studies, theories, thus presenting global political events through the prism of social science disciplines “encompassing the widest possible sample of studies and papers in various disciplines, geographic origins and time periods, but without passing judgement in an arbitrary fashion, that is, dealing with the question of who is right and who is wrong”.

In ancient Greece, the places where the discussions were held and where one publicly expressed their ideas were the town squares, or Agoras. The prefix GEO in the Centre’s name is the geopolitical GEO, hence “the sphere of its [GEOagora’s] concern is primarily the political interaction between the international subjects, followed by global political events in general.”

“Hence, symbolically, the name GEOagora stands for a place of presentation of similar and divergent – without exception, well argumented and relevant – opinions on political interactions between subjects of international relations, but also of the events which obtain their political relevance globally.”

*The site is currently on hiatus, but feel free to check out the published texts. I'm a huge fan of the Centre and what they stand for, and I'm looking forward to see their future work.

Check out GEOagora and read some brilliant opinions published there.

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