Hello 🙂 I am a fiction and nonfiction writer, born and raised in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. I hold an MA in English Language and Literature from the Faculty of Philosophy, University of Sarajevo. I have been actively writing since the age of twelve and have been a member of the Sarajevo Writers’ Workshop (SWW) since 2012, writing in Bosnian and English languages.

I have participated in several public readings with my SWW colleagues, and I have performed my fiction (a piece that included singing a cappella) at the Sarajevo War Theatre (SARTR). My poetry, short stories, articles, and reviews have appeared in NEMA , H.O.W. Journal, Strane, Digitalna Demokracija, and other publications.

My academic paper "Other in One: Otherness in Golding's Lord of the Flies" was selected for publication with others from the International Interdisciplinary Student Conference at the University of Ljubljana in Slovenia, and has since been translated in Slovene and republished. I very much enjoy researching and writing academic papers, and my wish for the future is to write and publish excellent, thoroughly researched papers that would contribute to the literary community and the Society.

I participated in several international collaborations, the first of which was "Narrative Witness exchange – A Caracas-Sarajevo Collaboration", under the auspices of the University of Iowa’s International Writing Program, during which SWW worked with Venezuelan writers and photographers. The two short stories I worked on during the exchange were published after its completion.
In fall 2015, I participated in “The Borders Project” – a collaboration between the SWW and Atlanta's Narrative Collective. The pieces written during this project have been published in EuropeNow Journal in 2017. Our first installment came out in the June issue, which included my short story Tangle (original Klupko), translated to English by Mirza Purić.
Also in 2017, the publication of NEMA's special edition marked the end of the four-month-long project, titled 'Obscure Sorrows' or 'Neznane sjete', in which my short story, called Uzvodno / Upstream, was published as well.

In late December 2016, after months of scripting, taking photos, filming, and (learning how to do) video and audio editing, I had finally published my first online workshop on Udemy, titled Fiction Writing Workshop: #Imagination @Creation ∞Life , and I am happy to say that the short story titled Foundation that I wrote for this workshop has been published as well. The course was a Best Seller and a Highest Rated for several months in 2018 and 2019. I have unpublished it in November 2019 as I felt it has completed its purpose, but it has also brought be more knowledge and joy than I ever thought possible.

I currently live in Sarajevo and work as a freelance journalist. I write mostly prose that I consider to be “my core occupation”, but I am also working on my poetry and song lyrics, for which I like to say are my hobbies, along with singing, dancing, learning foreign languages, and roaming aimlessly through the countryside. I am positively addicted to music. It is a great source of my inspiration. I cannot imagine my existence without animals around me, nor do I have any desire to.
I have just finished my debut novel, a psychological thriller, but I'm also writing my social Sci-Fi quartet, so there is a lot of thinking, writing, and editing to do. I'm very passionate about my projects. I love all the characters I've created in my novels, and I am proud of the elaborate worlds I worked so hard to build, though I also feel sad I didn't create a happier place for my characters to exist in.
My side-projects include a dark fantasy novel I am currently doing a lot of research for, and I'm co-authoring a short story collection. These last two will take some time to complete, but all these projects deserve that time, energy, research, and dedication.
I have never in my life written anything romantic, so I am also learning how to show romantic love in my writing, especially the unrequited kind. I'm also doing my research for a historical romance of sorts, set in medieval Bosnian Kingdom. I love to spread myself across genres because I am learning so much and living so many interesting lives while creating such different characters and situations. As I am sickly, this is often my only way of experiencing both mundane things that 'normal' people get to live through and those grand ones that are often the themes of our escapist fantasies.
All said, I am busy with realising my plans and goals for the next chapter of my life, hoping to be published during my lifetime, and I am optimistically attempting to establish an interspecific friendship between my cats and dogs.